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Join the movement to improve
Pacific Island Men's Health & Wellbeing

"Our Communities are filled with the widows of
Pacific Island men who died too early."

Pulotu Selio Solomon, Men's Health Trust Chairperson & Community Leader



"CHECKMATES PI" is an agency focused on supporting Pacific Island men with their health & wellbeing. As an agency we do this by connecting Pacific Island men with various health & wellbeing partners and services.

CHECKMATES PI is a free community service which has supported over 1,000 Pacific Island men (members) since its inception in late 2018. This service has been made possible through partner organisations who have provided funding and delivered health & wellbeing services to our members. 

Join CHECKMATES PI by becoming a member and gaining access to our free services or become a partner that supports delivery of services to our members.

Pictured Left: Some of first members training with Mateo Vaihu of Tranzformation 4 U in 2018.


join the movement

On average one NZ man dies every 3 hours of a preventable illness, with death rates for Maori Men

double that of non-Maori (Statistics NZ)... and as for Pacific Island men the Stats are worse. When you JOIN you will have the choice of becoming a MEMBER and gaining access to services below or you might be interested in supporting services delivered to members by becoming a PARTNER.



partners & associates

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Hi there health and fitness journey people. I have lost over 40 kilograms going from 135 kg to 92 kg. My wife has loss over 30 kg's as well. We were both going through depression before our journey started. We were almost to that point of breaking up and who knows where that could of lead to. My mother got my wife to go with her to a small south Auckland gym named Bettalifestyle Fitness based in Otahuhu. Through this gym I was able to join a free 10 week challenge called Checkmates PI by Men's Health Trust. Which turned this into a lifestyle and my family. One thing I have learnt while still going through this journey is to find your "WHY". Why am I trying to be healthy and fit. Why am I getting up so early. Why do I put myself through all of this pain. My WHY is my family. My why gets me through all the pain, the early mornings and the not so exciting eating. Lol. Find your WHY and you will find the power and strength to reach your goals. 

Anthony Drollett, May 2019

My journey with Mens health continues, thank you to Mens Health Trust NZ, without your organisational support programs such as one we have just completed would not be possible. My gratitude and thanks to Pulotu Selio Solomon and Ina Michael for their commitment and passion in supporting our men to live healthier lives, Selio motivates us with his words of encouragement, which always leaves me with a smile and laugh. I cannot speak highly enough of Mateo Vaihu he is constantly in contact with us over our group page and his words of encouragement have kept me turning up even when i feel drained and lacking energy, it would be easier for me to make an excuse up, but i push through. His diet plan and his training regime is tough but he recognises all our different levels of fitness and moderates the exercise to my own level of ability, I have found myself pushing each week to do that little bit more and i recognise that i’m only challenging myself not competing with anyone else. He has a second sense because over the past 10 weeks he has talked to us about commitment, and reminded all of us that its not for me its for us, we are doing this for our own reasons, personal, family, relationship, children, better lifestyles, healthier body and mind which strengthens the soul. At the completion of the last program i now find the routine of exercise and food is more manageable but i’m committed to a bigger picture of health & wellbeing my wife and i now go to the gym, its still a work in progress. Lastly to the men who have completed the last program i have been humbled by your efforts over the past 10 weeks, it has been a joy for me to have your encouragement and acknowledgement of our efforts. We are a culture inherently drawn together by our beliefs and values and through this connection we have shared our stories online and at training. I have seen the transformation of our mens group and of myself where my health has been excellent im feeling fitter, i’ve dropped from a 54 inch waist to 42 inch waist. The fellowship between the men has been uplifting and while i have experienced improved health benefits this doesn’t mean my journey ends far from it is one of continued progression.


Thank you Mens Health Trust NZ, Selio, Ina and to Da Mannn Mateo


Lessss Goooo 

I’m ready for the next step.


Greg Whaiapu, May 2019


Contact: Ina Michael

c/- Men's Health Trust NZ

Mobile: 021 418 301


Checkmates PI is an initiative run by Men's Health Trust NZ with the support of Sector3 Foundation Trust Board.


Thank you we will be in touch soon...

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